1047th meeting – 4 February 2009

Item H46-1

Cases of unfair proceedings requiring reopening of domestic proceedings –
28490/95 Hulki Güneş, judgment of 19/06/03, final on 19/09/03
72000/01 Göçmen, judgment of 17/10/2006, final on 17/01/2007
46661/99 Söylemez, judgment of 21/09/2006, final on 21/12/2006
(CM/Del/Dec(2009)1046/H46-1, CM/Del/OJ/DH(2008)1043 Section 4.3, Interim Resolutions ResDH(2005)113, CM/ResDH(2007)26 and CM/ResDH(2007)150 and CM/Inf/DH(2009)5)


The Deputies decided to resume consideration of the measures taken towards the execution of the Court’s judgments at their 1048th meeting (11-12 February 2009).


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