1040th meeting – 5 November 2008

Item 1.7

Election of the Secretary General – Procedure
(CM/Del/Dec(2008)1037/1.7, CM/Del/Dec(2008)1039/1.4)


The Deputies adopted the calendar of the procedure for the election of the Secretary General, after reception of candidatures by 6 March 2009, as follows:

    · 1050th meeting ( (11 March 2009): examination of the candidatures and, if necessary, decision to call the candidates for interview by the Committee;

    · 1054th meeting (15 April 2009): possible interview of candidates by the Committee;

    · Second Part of the 2009 Ordinary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly (27-30 April 2009) (exact date to be agreed with the Assembly in due time): consultation of the Assembly at a meeting of the Joint Committee;

    · 119th Session (5 May 2009): adoption of the resolution which would then be forwarded to the Parliamentary Assembly with a view to the appointment of the Secretary General.


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