1039th meeting – 22 October 2008

Item 4.4

Draft terms of reference on the elaboration of a Council of Europe convention on violence against women, including domestic violence, as well as its possible contents – Oral progress report (CM/Del/Dec(2008)1030/4.5, CM(2008)128 add2, DD(2008)377, GR-H(2008)22 / GR-J(2008)12, GR-H(2008)22 add / GR-J(2008)12 add, DD(2008)532, DD(2008)533, DD(2008)534, DD(2008)550, DD(2008)555, DD(2008)557, DD(2008)558 and DD(2008)562)


The Deputies

1. took note of the oral report by the Chairman of their Rapporteur Group on Legal Co-operation (GR-J) on the joint meetings of the GR-H/GR-J held on 7 and 16 October 2008 on the issue of the elaboration of a convention on this subject;

2. invited their Rapporteur Group on Legal Co-operation (GR-J) to continue examination of this issue.


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