1032nd meeting – 9 and 10 July 2008

Item 1.4

Report of the Bureau

Chairman's summing-up – Election of the Secretary General

The Chairman noted that 26 delegations took the floor during the debate. There was unanimous appreciation for the Chair's initiative to put this question on the agenda at an early stage. It was in fact important that the procedure for the election of the Secretary General be carried out in full compliance with the Statute of the Council of Europe, with the decision taken at the 117th Session of the Committee of Ministers, and according to the respective prerogatives of the Committee of Ministers and of the Parliamentary Assembly.

Delegations were pleased that the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers had already started to conduct early consultations at the political level with member states in order to identify candidates for the post of Secretary General, matching the profile outlined in the decision taken by the Ministers at their 117th Session; all delegations expressed their support for this approach, and a large number of them indicated that a letter from the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers to his colleagues, Ministers of Foreign Affairs of member states, would be an appropriate means to ensure transparency of the process and equal status of all member states.

The Chairman of the Deputies undertook to convey to the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers all the comments and proposals made.

He also invited all delegations to consult with him, either this and next week or in September, on all matters related to the procedure for the election of the Secretary General, and noted there was general agreement to resume consideration of the procedure at the 1036th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (24 September 2008) on the basis of a proposal by the Chairman of the Deputies after such consultations.



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