1019th meeting – 27-28 February 2008

Item 2.1a

Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
- Moldova
- Belarus
(GR-DEM(2008)CB3, SG/Inf(2008)5, DPA/Inf(2008)2)


The Deputies

1. took note of the synopsis of the GR-DEM meeting held on 21 February 2008 (document GR-DEM(2008)CB3);

Concerning Moldova

In the light of the stocktaking report on co-operation between the Council of Europe and Moldova (SG/Inf(2008)5),

2. instructed the Secretariat to prepare, in consultation with the Moldovan authorities, a pre-electoral assistance programme in view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova in spring 2009;

3. instructed the GR-DEM to continue taking stock of co-operation with Moldova on a regular basis with regard to the following:

- the implementation of the joint Council of Europe/European Commission programmes and other co-operation programmes;

- progress in the compatibility of Moldovan legislation with Council of Europe standards and the follow-up given to Council of Europe legal opinions;

- the functioning of the judicial system and the execution of judicial decisions;

- the fight against corruption and money laundering and the implementation of GRECO and MONEYVAL recommendations;

- in the field of local government, the improvement of co-operation and dialogue between central authorities and local authorities and their associations;

- the harmonisation of the legislation of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia with the Moldovan Constitution and national legislation;

- the independence and neutrality of the regulatory bodies for the media, in particular the Co-ordination Council for the Audiovisual and the Board of TeleRadio Moldova;

4. instructed the Secretariat to examine further with the authorities of Moldova the possible contribution to the implementation of confidence-building measures in the context of the Transnistrian settlement process, in particular increased co-operation with civil society;

5. underlined the relevance of co-ordinating co-operation and assistance activities with other international organisations as well as bilateral donors;

Concerning Belarus

6. took note of the proposals of the Slovak Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers for activities regarding Belarus (DPA/Inf(2008)2) and authorised the Secretariat to continue implementing these activities.



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