1018th meeting – 20 February 2008

Item 8.1

Partial Agreement on the Youth Card –
Appointment of eight governmental members of the Board of Co-ordination

(Resolution ResAP(2003)1 and CM(2008)20)


The Deputies, in their composition restricted to States members of the Partial Agreement on the Youth Card,1 appointed the following eight member states to sit on the Board of Co-ordination of the Partial Agreement in 2008-2009:

- - ANDORRA: Pere Guiu Torrebadella;
- - AUSTRIA: Eric Pauser;
- - CROATIA: Stjepan Adanić;
- - ITALY: Vitantonio Bruno;
- - LUXEMBOURG: Georges Metz;
- - PORTUGAL: João Paulo de Loureiro Rebelo;
- - SERBIA: Aleksandra Mitrovic;
- - SPAIN: Rafael Pérez Molina.

1 Andorra, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland.


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