999th meeting (in camera) – 5 July 2007

Item 2.2

Discussion on future arrangements for thematic monitoring
(CM/Del/Dec(2006)977/2.3, CM/Monitor(2006)4, CM/Monitor(2007)1 and CM/Monitor(2007)1 add)


The Deputies

1. adopted the revised thematic monitoring procedure as it appears at Appendix 2 to the present volume of Decisions and agreed that this ad hoc procedure would enter into force with immediate effect;

2. noted that the last discussion under the procedure adopted at their 893rd meeting (13 July 2004, item 2.4) concerning execution of national legal decisions would take place after the finalisation of the work by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) on that theme, expected in autumn 2007.


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