990th meeting – 21 March 2007

Item 2.3

Co-operation between the Council of Europe and the United Nations –
Possible synergies in the human rights field
(CM/Del/Dec(2007)988/4.3b, CM/Inf(2006)44 and CM/Inf(2006)44 add)


The Deputies

1. agreed, in the light of the discussions in GR-EXT, to take further steps to achieve greater synergy between the activities of the Council of Europe and those of the United Nations on matters relating to human rights;

2. encouraged the Secretariat to continue its efforts in this regard, with particular emphasis on targeted dissemination of information on Council of Europe standards and activities, active participation in Human Rights Council sessions and those of the Third Committee, the organisation of side events as well as training seminars on the activities of the Council of Europe in the human rights field for the delegates of the Human Rights Council, supplying the conclusions of relevant Council of Europe monitoring bodies contained in public documents to the Human Rights Council and attempting to ensure a more regular Secretariat presence at Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva;

3. agreed to continue their annual exchanges of views with experts from the capitals, while noting that, if the Chair considered it appropriate, further informal ad hoc discussions could be held on forthcoming activities of the Human Rights Council;

4. invited each succeeding chair of the Committee of Ministers to play an active role, in that capacity, in Human Rights Council and Third Committee sessions, by articulating Council of Europe values and standards, promoting human rights in general and seeking the support of all its member states for initiatives to enhance them;

5. invited the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) to keep abreast of the work of the Human Rights Council and, where appropriate, organise exchanges of views on certain issues of interest to the CDDH;

6. encouraged the Secretariat to continue and develop its various forms of co-operation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as co-operation between, on the one hand, the Council of Europe's human rights bodies and its Commissioner for Human Rights and, on the other hand, those of the United Nations.



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