985th meeting – 31 January 2007

Item 4.2

United Nations – Preparation of the exchange of views (human rights questions) with experts from capitals – Fixing of date and agenda
(CM/Del/Dec(96)554/4.6, CM/Inf(2006)44 and CM/Inf(2006)44 add)


The Deputies agreed to hold the next exchange of views in Strasbourg on the morning of 22 February 2007 (10 a.m.-1 p.m.), with the following agenda:

      a. General discussion on the main results and developments of the 61st Session of the United Nations' General Assembly, including follow-up to the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council;
      b. Specific thematic questions;
      c. Specific national situations;

    d. Co-operation between the Council of Europe and the United Nations in the human rights field.


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