984th meeting – 17 and 18 January 2007

Item 4.3

The concept of “nation” –
Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1735 (2006)
(CM/Del/Dec(2006)983/4.2, Rec_1735 (2006) and CM/AS(2006)Rec1735 prov3)


The Deputies

1. adopted the following interim reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1735 (2006) on the concept of “nation”:

    “The Committee of Ministers has made a detailed examination of the recommendation, having discussed on several occasions a preliminary draft reply. In the course of this examination of the question, certain conclusions became evident: first that the perceptions of the concept of “nation” vary considerably from state to state, and secondly that, irrespective of these numerous perceptions, the concept of “nation” is of equal sensitivity to each state.

    Under these circumstances, the Committee, fully realising the difficulty of adopting a single unequivocal position on the issues raised in the recommendation but wishing nonetheless to provide the Assembly with a duly considered reply, has decided to seek an additional legal view on the matter and will resume its consideration of the question once that advice has been received.”;

2. adopted Decision No. CM/871/18012007, giving ad hoc terms of reference to the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH), as it appears at Appendix 21 to the present volume of Decisions.


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