964th meeting – 10 May 2006

Item 11.1

Committee for Works of Art (C-ART) –
Abridged report of the 21st meeting (Strasbourg, 11 April 2006)


The Deputies

1. expressed their appreciation of Monaco's offer to donate a set of twelve bronze sculptures entitled “Pensées” by the artist Jean-Michel Folon and decided to accept it gratefully;

2. noted that this work of art would be temporarily sited under the central structure in the Palais de l’Europe entrance hall for the purposes of its inauguration and that the Committee for Works of Art (C-ART) would make a recommendation as to the choice of a final site at a later stage;

3. agreed to resume consideration of the question of the Russian Federation's gift at one of their forthcoming meetings;

4. mandated the Chairman of the C-ART to undertake the necessary contacts (including with the City of Strasbourg) with a view to finding a possible site for the gift;

5. took note of the 21st meeting report of the C-ART, as it appears in document CM(2006)75, as a whole.


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