954th meeting – 1 February 2006

Item 8.1a, b, c

The Council of Europe and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

a. Foundation Board
(CM/Del/Dec(2003)848/8.1, 849/8.1, 859/8.2 and (2006)952/1.1, CM(2003)77, CM(2003)128)

b. Executive Committee
(CM/Del/Dec(2000)718/7.1 and 952/1.1, CM(2004)213)

c. European Co-ordination Forum
(CM/Del/Dec(2003)844/8.1, 848/8.1 and 952/1.1, CM(2003)77, Decision No. CM/857/16072003)


The Deputies agreed to resume consideration of this item at their 956th meeting (15 February 2006).


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