952nd meeting – 11 January 2006

Item 1.4

Report of the Bureau


The Deputies

1. decided to extend, for a period of one year, the terms of office of Ambassador Zoltan Taubner, Permanent Representative of Hungary and of Mr Alexei Tulbure, Permanent Representative of Moldova, as Chair of the Rapporteur Group on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (GR-AB) and Chair of the Rapporteur Group for Social and Health Questions (GR-SOC) respectively;

2. decided to entrust the Chairmanship of the Rapporteur Group on External Relations (GR-EXT) to Ambassador Joaquim Duarte, Permanent Representative of Portugal;

3. took note of the report of the meeting of the Bureau of 9 January 2006 (CM/Bur/Del(2006)1) and approved the other recommendations contained therein.


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