917th meeting – 2 March 2005

Item 2.1a

Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability

- Ukraine
- Georgia
- Russian Federation
- Serbia and Montenegro
- Persons unaccounted for as a result of armed conflicts or internal violence in the Balkans – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1685 (2004)


The Deputies

1. took note of the synopsis of the GR-EDS meeting held on 25 February 2005 (GR-EDS(2005)CB3);

Concerning Georgia

2. asked the Georgian authorities to:

a. continue their efforts in the fields of the functioning of democratic institutions, including those related to regionalisation, the functioning of the judiciary and law-enforcement agencies and the fight against corruption and organised crime;

b. not sacrifice the quality of legislation for the sake of urgency and, in this connection, not pass new legislation without first consulting the Council of Europe and taking account of its opinion;

c. cooperate as much as possible with the Council of Europe and the European Union Just-Themis mission with a view to developing a coherent strategy for judicial reform;

d. implement new legislation carefully;

e. make sure that they respect the rule of law and human rights when carrying out reforms;

f. with regard to the Meskhetian population, create, without any further delay, legal, administrative and political conditions for the start of the process of their repatriation with a view to its completion by 2011.



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