907th meeting – 24 November 2004

    Appendix 1
    (Item 1.1)

    907 Meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
    Strasbourg, 24 (10 a.m.) November 2004



    General questions


    Adoption of the agenda


    Preparation of forthcoming meetings


    Communication from the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General


    Report of the Bureau


    Integrated Project I: Making democratic institutions work – Draft Specific Terms of Reference for a Multidisciplinary ad hoc Committee of Experts on the Information Society (CAHSI)

    (CM/Notes/907/1.5 of 12.11.2004)



    Political questions



    Situation in Cyprus


    (Item withdrawn)


    Relations between the Council of Europe and the OSCE – Report by the Chairman of the Rapporteur Group on relations between the Council of Europe and the OSCE (GR-OSCE) on the meeting of 18 November 2004

    (GR-OSCE(2004)7 and GR-OSCE(2004)CB5)
    (CM/Notes/907/2.4 of 23.11.2004)



    Relations between the Council of Europe and the European Union
    (CM/Notes/907/2.5 of 19.11.2004)


    Compliance with commitments accepted by member states of the Council of Europe – Committee of Ministers thematic monitoring procedure - Provisional Chairman's summing-up following the 901st meeting (in camera) (21 October 2004)

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)901/2.1, CM/Monitor(2004)10 final and CM/Del/Act(2004)901 (Confidential))
    (CM/Notes/907/2.6 of 17.11.2004)




    Preparation of the Third Summit of the Council of Europe

    (CM/Notes/907/2.8 of 23.11.2004)



    Follow-up to the 114th Session of the Committee of Ministers (Strasbourg, 12-13 May 2004) – Contribution of the Council of Europe to international action against terrorism
    a. Implementation of the activities of the Council of Europe against terrorism

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)900/2.3, 902/2.3b and 904/2.7, CM(2004)180)

    b. Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) - Abridged report of the 5th meeting (Strasbourg, 22-23 November 2004)
    (CM(2004)211 of 24.11.2004)
    c. Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) – Progress report
    (CM(2004)212 of 24.11.2004)
    (CM/Notes/907/2.9 of 19.11.2004) 


    Parliamentary Assembly


    Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

    a. Written Questions No. 440 by Mr Kocharyan: “Destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage in the autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan of Azerbaijan” and No. 444 by Mr Huseynov: “Urgency to prevent the destruction of cultural monuments in the Armenian-occupied town of Shusha of Azerbaijan”

    (CM(2004)12, CM(2004)82, CM/AS(2004)Quest440-444 prov., CM/Del/Dec(2004)8943.1a and 894/3.1b)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1a of 8.11.2004)

    b and c. Written Question No. 446 by Mr Huseynov: “The situation over the Metsamor atomic station in Armenia” and Written Question No. 448 by Mr Seyidov: “Settlement of civilian population by Armenia in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan”

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)892/3.2a, 894/3.1d, 895/1.1 and 896/3.2e,CM(2004)116 and 132, CM/AS(2004)Quest446 prov.)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1b-c of 22.11.2004)

    d. Written Question No. 450 by Mr Masson: “Europe's prisons”

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)896/3.2a, CM(2004)161 and CM/AS(2004)Quest450 prov.)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1d of 12.11.2004)

    e. Written Question No. 451 by Mr Masson: “European Union approval for transfer of airline passengers' personal data to the United States”

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)896/3.2b, CM(2004)162 and CM/AS(2004)Quest451 prov.)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1e of 12.11.2004)

    f. Written Question No. 458 by Mr Kocharyan: “Problem of re-opening of the Railroad Connecting Armenia and Turkey”

    (CM(2004)188 of 22.10.2004)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1f of 22.10.2004)

    g. Written Question No. 459 by Mr Masson: “Respect of human rights at the Guantanamo base”

    (CM(2004)189 of 22.10.2004)
    (CM/Notes/907/3.1g of 22.10.2004)

    h. Written Question No. 460 by Mr Rustamyan: "Bringing the Turkish Criminal Code into line with European standards"

    (CM/Notes/907/3.1h of 10.11.2004)


    Human Rights


    European Court of Human Rights - Election of judges – List of candidatures in respect of Latvia
    (Item prepared by the GR-H)

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)904/4.4,CM(2004)194 and Addendum (bilingual))
    (CM/Notes/907/4.1 of 18.11.2004)



    Ilaşcu and others against Moldova and Russia

    Judgment of 08/07/2004 - Grand Chamber - Application of Article 46, paragraph 2, of the European Convention on Human Rights as amended by Protocol No. 11

    (Court judgment of 08/07/2004 (Grand Chamber),CM/Del/OJ/DH(2004)897/H46-48, 899/H46-1, 900/H46-1, 902/H46-1 and 904/H46-1)
    (CM/Notes/907/H46-1 of 22.11.2004)



    Social cohesion


    Public Health Committee (Partial Agreement) (CD-P-SP) – Abridged report of the 73rd Session (Strasbourg, 17 June 2004

    a. Framework Resolution ResAP(2004)... on coatings intended to come into contact with foodstuffs


    b. Resolution ResAP(2004)... on cork stoppers and other cork materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs


    c. Resolution ResAP(2004)... on ion exchange and adsorbant resins used in the processing of foodstuffs


    d. Resolution ResAP(2004)... on rubber products intended to come into contact with foodstuffs


    e. Resolution ResAP(2004)... on silicones used for food contact applications


    f. Abridged report of the 73rd Session (Strasbourg, 17 June 2004)



    Committee on the Rehabilitation and Integration of People with Disabilities (CD-P-RR) – Abridged report of the 27th meeting (Bucharest, 21-24 September 2004)

    (CM/Notes/907/6.2 of 27.10.2004)



    European Health Committee (CDSP) - Abridged report of the 55th meeting (Strasbourg, 15-16 June 2004)

    a. Recommendation Rec(2004)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the impact of information technologies on health care – the patient and Internet


    b. Recommendation Rec(2004)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states on teaching transfusion medicine to nurses


    c. Recommendation Rec(2004)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states on criteria for the authorisation of organ transplantation facilities


    d. Abridged report of the 55th meeting (Strasbourg, 15-16 June 2004)



    European Committee on Migration (CDMG) – Draft Recommendation Rec(2004)... of the Committee of Ministers on the movement and encampment of Travellers in Europe
    (Prepared by the GR-SOC)

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)904/1.1 andCM(2004)158 Corrigendum and GR-SOC(2004)CB7)
    (CM/Notes/907/6.4 of 22.11.2004)



    Education and Culture


    Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research (CDESR) – Abridged report of the 3rd plenary Session (Strasbourg, 21-22 September 2004)

    (CM/Notes/907/7.1 of 10.11.2004)



    Youth and Sport


    Information on progress in UNESCO's work on the draft international anti-doping convention
    (CM/Notes/907/8.1 of 23.11.2004)



    Legal questions


    Links between Europeans living abroad and their countries of origin – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1650 (2004)
    (Item to be prepared by the GR-J)


    (Item postponed)


    Exchange of views with Professor Pinheiro, Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Secretary General – Study on violence against children: regional consultation (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 5-7 July 2005)

    (CM/Notes/907/10.2 of 12.11.2004)




    Administration and Logistics


    Revised Draft Resolutions on:
    - Service Contracts of Consultants and
    - Outsourcing Contracts to External Service Providers
    (Item prepared by the GR-AB)

    (CM(2004)105 revised 3)
    (CM/Notes/907/11.1 of 12.11.2004)


    Any other business



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