898th meeting – 30 September 2004

    Item 2.3

    Follow-up to the 114th Session of the Committee of Ministers (Strasbourg, 12-13 May 2004) – Contribution of the Council of Europe to international action against terrorism
    Implementation of the activities of the Council of Europe against terrorism
    (CM(2004)138 and Addendum, CM/Del/Dec(2004)895/2.4 and 896/2.5, CM/Inf(2004)30 revised)


    The Deputies

    1. decided to hold exchanges of views with Mr Gijs de Vries, the EU anti-terrorism Coordinator, and with Ambassador Bringéus, Chairman of the OSCE working group on terrorism, at the earliest possible opportunity;

    2. also decided to hold an exchange of views with Ms Kabelka, Chair of the Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER), on the progress of the work of her Committee at their 900th meeting on 20 October 2004;

    3. agreed to resume consideration of this item at its 899th meeting of 13 October in the light of the outcome of the present discussions, of the document to be prepared by the Secretary General and of proposals by the Parliamentary Assembly.


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