898th meeting – 30 September 2004

    Item 2.1a

    Current political questions

    a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability

    - Moldova
    . Moldovan schools in Transnistria
    . Census observation and assessment
    . Other developments
    - Georgia – Recent developments
    . Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1643 (2004) – Functioning of democratic institutions in Georgia
    - Ukraine – Recent developments
    (GR-EDS(2004)CB12 rev., REC_1643(2004), CM/AS(2004)Rec1643 prov., CM(2004)170)


    The Deputies

    1. took note of the synopsis of the GR-EDS meeting held on 24 September 2004
    (GR-EDS(2004)CB12 rev.);

    with regard to Moldova

    2. agreed to resume their discussion with respect to the draft Statement by the Committee of Ministers on schools in Transnistria at their 899th meeting (13 October 2004);

    3. encouraged the Moldovan authorities to make every effort to complete the transformation of the state broadcasting company TeleRadio-Moldova (TRM) into an independent, impartial public service institution;

    with regard to Georgia

    4. encouraged the Georgian authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure wide-ranging local self-government in the separatist regions, in full compliance with European democratic standards and with the help of the Council of Europe;
    5. adopted the reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1643 (2004) on the functioning of democratic institutions in Georgia, as it appears at Appendix 4 to the present volume of Decisions; 1

    with regard to Ukraine

    6. wished to notify the Ukrainian authorities that the Committee of Ministers took the view that the proper conduct of presidential elections in Ukraine will constitute an important test for the country's democratic future, and that it considered it to be of prime importance that these elections conform to European democratic standards.

Note 1 See also document CM/AS(2004)Rec1643 final.



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