898th meeting – 30 September 2004

    Item 1.1

    Adoption of the Agenda


    The Deputies

    1. agreed to add the following sub-items to the agenda of their 898th meeting:



Current political questions
b. Other questions

    . Statement by the Representative of Norway

    13. Any other business
    Written Question No. 445 Ministers by Mr Wilkinson: "Implementation of a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights concerning the United Kingdom"

    2. agreed to postpone the following items on the draft agenda of their 898th meeting:

    4.2 Rights of national minorities - Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1623 (2003)

    6.1 European Health Committee (CDSP) – Abridged report of the 55th meeting
    (Strasbourg, 15-16 June 2004)

    10.1 Links between Europeans living abroad and their countries of origin -
    Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1650 (2004)

    to one of their forthcoming meetings;

    3. taking into account decisions 1 to 2 above, adopted the agenda of their 898th meeting as it appears at Appendix 1 to the present volume of Decisions.



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