893rd meeting – 13 July 2004

    Appendix 1
    (Item 1.1)

    893 Meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
    Strasbourg, 13 (10am) July 2004



    General questions


    Adoption of the Agenda


    Preparation of forthcoming meetings

    (CM/Notes/893/1.2 of 13.7.2004)



    Communication from the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General


    Report of the Bureau


    Priorities for 2005 - Budgetary Implications

    (CM(2004)59 and RAP-PROG(2004)CB2)
    (CM/Notes/893/1.5 of 7.7.2004)



    Political questions


    Current political questions

    a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
    (Item prepared by the GR-EDS)

    - Belarus

    . Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1657 (2004) on disappeared persons in Belarus

    . Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1658 (2004) on persecution of the press in the

    Republic of Belarus

    (REC_1657 (2004), REC_1658 (2004), CM/AS(2004)Rec1657 and 1658 prov., and GR-EDS(2004)CB10)
    (CM/Notes/893/2.1 of 12.7.2004)

    b. Other questions
    . Statement by the Representative of Turkey


    Situation in Cyprus


    Co-operation between the Council of Europe and the United Nations - Draft Resolution
    Report by the Rapporteur on the United Nations

    (RAP-UN(2004)4 revised and 6)
    (CM/Notes/893/2.3 of 12.7.2004)



    Reform of the Committee of Ministers' thematic monitoring process - Final Report
    (Item prepared by the GT-MON)

    (GT-MON(2004)16 and GT-MON(2004)CB6)
    (CM/Notes/893/2.4 of 12.7.2004)


    Parliamentary Assembly


    Written questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

    a. Written Question No. 434 by Mr Stepaniuc: "Old Calendar Church"

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)860/3.1a, 869/3.1c, CM(2003)135 and CM/AS(2004)Quest434 prov.2)
    (CM/Notes/893/3.1a of 2.7.2004)


    b. Written question No. 440 by Mr Kocharyan: "Destruction of the Armenian cultural heritage in the autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan of Azerbaijan"


    (Item postponed)


    c. Written question No. 441 by Ms Postoico: "Situation in maternity hospitals in Romania"

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)874/3.1a, CM(2004)35 and CM/AS(2004)Quest441 prov.)
    (CM/Notes/893/3.1c of 2.7.2004)


    d. Written question No. 442 by Mr Stepaniuc: "Situation of the media in Romania"

    (CM(2004)36 and CM/AS(2004)Quest442 prov.)
    (CM/Notes/893/3.1d of 2.7.2004)


    e. Written question No. 444 by Mr R. Huseynov: "Urgency to prevent the destruction of cultural monuments in the Armenian-occupied town of Shusha of Azerbaijan"


    (Item postponed)

    f. Written question No. 445 by Mr Wilkinson: "Implementation of a judgment of the European Court of Human Rights concerning the United Kingdom"



    (Item postponed)


    Human Rights


    Ad Hoc Committee on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (CAHTEH) – Abridged report of the 4th meeting (Strasbourg, 11-14 May 2004)

    (CM/Notes/893/4.1 of 2.7.2004)



    Steering Committee on Human Rights (CDDH) - Abridged report of the 58th meeting (Strasbourg,
    16-18 June 2004)

    (CM(2004)112 of 24.6.2004)
    (CM/Notes/893/4.2 of 1.7.2004)



    Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities - Draft Resolution on the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities by Azerbaijan

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)890/4.2, GR-H(2004)4, GR-H(2004)CB6 and 10)
    (CM/Notes/893/4.3 of 6.7.2004)



    Legal questions


    Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) – Abridged report of the 3rd meeting (Strasbourg, 6-8 July 2004)

    (CM(2004)134 of 9.7.2004)
    (CM/Notes/893/10.1 of 12.7.2004)



    Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI) - Draft Recommendation Rec(2004)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states concerning the protection of human rights and dignity of persons with mental disorder and its draft Explanatory Report

    (CM(2004)97 Addendum 3)
    (CM/Notes/893/10.2 of 2.7.2004)



    Additional Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine, on Biomedical Research - Opening for signature

    (CM/Del/Dec(2004)890/10.2b and 892/10.1, CM(2004)97 Addenda 1 and 2)
    (CM/Notes/893/10.3 of 12.7.2004)


    Administration and logistics


    Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneration (CCR) – Daily rates of subsistence allowance – Exceptional review at 1st July 2004 – 155th report
    (Item prepared by the GR-AB)

    (CM(2004)98 (Bilingual) and GR-AB(2004)CB8)
    (CM/Notes/893/11.1 of 24.6.2004)



    Extension of the Special Account "Police and Human Rights beyond 2000"

    (CM/Notes/893/11.2 of 12.7.2004)


    Any other business



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