883rd meeting – 5 May 2004

    Item 8.1

    Committee for the Development of Sport (CDDS) -
    Abridged report of the 27th meeting (Strasbourg, 3-4 March 2004)



    The Deputies

    1. authorised the opening of a Special Account entitled “Ballons Rouges” on the same basis as that governing the opening and management of Special Accounts adopted at their 431st meeting (November-December 1989, item 42.a);

    2. decided that this account would cover expenses incurred for the “Ballons Rouges” project;

    3. decided that this account would receive voluntary contributions from member states and other donors;

    4. fixed the closing date of the account at 31 December 2007;

    5. noted that the Committee for the Development of Sport (CDDS) would prepare a report in 2007 reviewing the “Ballons Rouges” project and its future;

    6. agreed to consider the allocation of any credit balance at that time on the basis of proposals by the Secretariat, which may consult the CDDS if appropriate;

    7. decided that no fixed rate deductions would be made to cover overheads and the cost of managing this Special Account;

    8. instructed the Secretary General to provide the Ministers' Deputies, once a year, with a statement of the expenses and receipts on this Special Account;

    9. invited their Rapporteur Group on Education, Culture, Sport, Youth and Environment (GR-C) to take into account the opinion of the CDDS on Recommendation 1635 (2003) of the Parliamentary Assembly concerning lesbians and gays in sport when preparing a draft reply to this recommendation;

    10. having regard to decisions 1 to 9 above, took note of the abridged report of the 27th meeting of the CDDS, as a whole, as it appears in CM(2004)58.



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