883rd meeting – 5 May 2004

    Item 1.5

    Committee of Ministers –
    Preparation of the 114th Session (Strasbourg, 12-13 May 2004)
    (CM(2004)OJ1 prov.2, CM(2004)65 and Addendum 1 revised, Addendum 2 prov. 2, Addendum 3 final and Addendum 4 final, CM(2004)70 prov.4, 73, 74 prov., 75 prov., 76, 78 prov., CM(2004)79 prov. and GT-ROMS(2004)5 revised)


    The Deputies

    1. took note of the draft provisional annotated agenda of the 114th Session of the Committee of Ministers, as it appears in document CM(2004)OJ1 final;

    2. took note of the state of progress of the preparatory work for the Session, as it appears in the preliminary draft Communiqué (CM(2003)70 prov.4) and the draft “Conclusions of the Chair” (CM(2004)79 prov.), and noted that the Drafting Group set up to this effect and the Chair would finalise them in due time before the Session;

    3. concerning the reform of the European Court of Human Rights, took note of the report of the Chairman of the Liaison Committee with the Court on the work carried out in the framework of the Ad hoc Group set up to prepare this item and on this basis:

    i. transmitted the following texts to the Ministers for adoption:

    - draft protocol No. 14 amending the European Convention on Human Rights (document CM(2004)65 Addendum 1 revised);

    - draft declaration of the Committee of Ministers on “Ensuring the effectiveness of the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights on national and European levels” (document CM(2004)65 Addendum 3);

    - draft recommendations of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the European Convention on Human Rights in university education and professional training, on the verification of the compatibility of draft laws, existing laws and administrative practice with the standards laid down in the European Convention on Human Rights, on the improvement of domestic remedies, and the draft resolution of the Committee of Ministers on judgments revealing an underlying systemic problem (document CM(2004)65 Addendum 4 final);

    ii. took note of the explanatory report to draft protocol No. 14 to the ECHR (CM(2004)65 Addendum 2 final), in view of its publication as soon as Protocol No. 14 has been adopted;

    iii. noted that Protocol No. 14 to the ECHR will be opened for signature on 13 May 2004, just before
    the second part of the 114th Session, provided it has been adopted during the first part of the Session on
    12 May 2004;

    4. concerning the other questions on the agenda of the 114th Session, took note of the following documents, in view of their transmission to the Ministers:

    - CM(2004)74 final (agenda and possible results of the Third Summit: Ministers' Deputies report to the 114th Session);

    - CM(2004)75 final (the Council of Europe's contribution to action against trafficking in human beings: progress report);

    - CM(2004)76 (the contribution of the Council of Europe to international action against organised crime: report by the Secretariat);

    - CM(2004)78 (possible creation of a European Forum for Roma and Travellers: progress report);

    5. noted that the incoming and outgoing Chairmen of the Committee of Ministers would address a message to their colleagues on the organisation of the Session;

    6. noted that the provisional list of speakers for the 114th Session, established by the Chair on the basis of the information provided concerning Ministerial attendance, would be communicated to delegations on Monday 10 May 2004, at noon.



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