860th meeting – 12 November 2003

    Item 1.7

    Election of the Secretary General – Procedure
    (CM/Del/Del(2003)851/1.5 and 855/1.7)


    The Deputies agreed on the following timetable for the procedure of the election of the Secretary General:

    13 February 2004: Deadline for submission of candidatures

    873rd meeting (18 February 2004): Examination of nominations and, if necessary, decision to call the candidates for interview by the Committee or a sub-committee appointed for this purpose

    875th meeting (10 March 2004): Possible interview of candidates by the Committee

    April session of the Parliamentary
    Assembly (26-30 April 2004): Consultation of the Assembly through the Joint Committee

    884th meeting (19 May 2004): Formal transmission of the list of candidates to the Assembly with a view to the election by the Assembly at its June session (21-25 June 2004)


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