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CM/AS(2009)Quest568finalE  / 28 September 2009 

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CM/AS(2009)Quest568 29 May 2009
[Doc. 11933 – 27 May 2009]

1061 Meeting, 17 June 2009
3 Parliamentary Assembly

3.1 Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

b. Written Question No. 568 by Mr Mogens Jensen: “Homosexual rights in Latvia”


1. Referring to the resolution adopted by the City Council of Riga on 14 May 2009 in order to ban the “Baltic Pride Parade” to be held in Riga on 17 May 2009.

To ask the Committee of Ministers,

Whether the Committee intends to address the Latvian government in order to condemn the violation of the European Convention on Human Rights committed by the local authorities of Riga, to ask the Latvian government if it agrees to the above-mentioned resolution, and to ask how it intends to ensure that the European Convention on Human Rights is respected in Latvia, including the right of homosexuals to freedom of expression and to demonstrate.


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