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CM/AS(2007)Quest524finalE  / 09 November 2007 

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CM/AS(2007)Quest524 18 May 2007
[Doc. 11283 – 14 May 2007]

998 Meeting, 13 June 2007
3 Parliamentary Assembly

3.2 Written Questions by members of the Parliamentary Assembly to the Committee of Ministers

a. Written Question No. 524 by Mrs Acketoft: “Ban on a Chisinau demonstration by homosexuals”


In joining the Council of Europe in 1995 and ratifying the Convention on Human Rights, the Republic of Moldova undertook to protect and develop human rights and fundamental freedoms. Irrespectively of this, the local authorities in the Moldovan capital Chisinau have once again refused a friendly festival with a purpose to raise awareness and to promote tolerance and equal rights for homosexuals in the city, the “Pride Festival”. This act is only one amongst many where the authorities in Moldova suppress the equal rights of homosexuals.

Banning the festival should contravene Article 11 of the Convention on Human Rights, which deals with freedom of assembly and association.

Mrs Acketoft,

To ask the Committee of Ministers

Does the Committee of Ministers agree that the decision made by the local authorities in Chisinau infringed Article 11 of the Convention on Human Rights?

How does the Committee of Ministers propose to act in order to certify that Article 11 of the Convention on Human Rights is followed by the members of the Council of Europe?

What were the reasons for Moldovan authorities to ban the demonstration?

What plans of action do the Moldovan authorities plan to undertake in order to combat homophobia and discrimination based on sexual orientation in the country?


ACKETOFT Tina, Sweden



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