CM(98)37...Committee for works of art: 9th meeting (Strasbourg, 28 January 1998)


Committee of Ministers

Comité des Ministres


Strasbourg, 6 March 1998



For consideration at the 628th meeting

of the Ministers’ Deputies

(15-16 April 1998, A level, item 11.1)




9th meeting

(Strasbourg, 28 January 1998)


I. The Committee for Works of Art held its 9th meeting on 28 January 1998.

II. The Committee of Ministers was represented by Mr J. Wolf, Permanent Representative of Liechtenstein and Committee Chairman, and by Mr J. WARIN, Permanent Representative of France.

The Parliamentary Assembly was represented by Mrs J. Verspaget and Lord Russell Johnston.

The Secretariat was represented by Mr J.-L. Gianardi, Director of Administration, Mr C. Grayson, representing the Office of the Clerk of the Assembly, and Mr S. Palmer, representing the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers; by Mr J.P. Chauvet, representing the Director of the Secretary General's Private Office, and Mr H.J. Rohkamm, Head of Technical Services Division and Committee Secretary.

III. The Committee was required to make recommendations concerning donations proposed by:

- Cyprus, which asked the Committee to choose one of three works selected through a competition:

- the Russian Federation, which proposed a tapestry entitled "The Moscow Kremlin " by the Russian artist Mrs Valentina Platonova. President Boris YELTSIN had presented the work to the Council of Europe at its 2nd Summit in October 1997;

- Greece, which proposed a replica of the statue "Poseidon of Artemision".

IV. The Committee for Works of Art thanked the Cypriot government for its offer, but regretted that it was unable to accept one of the proposed works. The Committee noted that one work, "Wave" by the artist Yiorgos Kypris, could have been selected but was unsuitable because it might create hazards for the public, being of a weight and size which made it impossible to display anywhere but outside the Human Rights Building itself.

V. The Committee for Works of Art thanked the Russian government for its generous offer and recommended the acceptance of the tapestry "The Moscow Kremlin " by Valentina Platonova.

In view of its large size, the Committee asked to receive at its next meeting the Secretariat's proposal on the intended location of the work, as the Committee members would wish to assess the visual impact in situ.

VI. The Committee for Works of Art thanked the Greek government for its offer and decided in favour of accepting the donation. It also gave a favourable opinion on the possible display site for the bronze copy of the sculpture "Poseidon of Artemision" which it recommended be positioned on the Palais de l'Europe front lawn to the right of main driveway, at the beginning of the footpath.

VII. The Committee, looking ahead to the 50th Anniversary of the Council of Europe, recommended setting up a fund to receive donations from the member countries.

The proceeds of contributions to be invited from the Council of Europe member countries would allow the purchase of significant works marking the anniversary, for the Human Rights building or other Council of Europe premises.

The above procedure would obviate the possibility of member countries proposing disparate donations or works falling short of the coherence demanded by the occasion.

The Committee recommended that the matter be referred to the GT-50.

VIII. The Committee tentatively decided to arrange its next meeting to coincide with the forthcoming Parliamentary Assembly session between 20 and 24 April 1998.



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