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CM(2011)180 final     27 January 20121

1132 Meeting, 1 February 2012

1 General questions

1.6 Deputy Secretary General – Procedure for Election

Competence framework


Within the framework of the Statute of the Council of Europe and under the authority of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General supports the Secretary General in the effective, strategic management of the Secretariat, in line with decisions and priorities of the Committee of Ministers.

The above mission shall be carried out in accordance with Committee of Ministers’ Resolution Res(55)29, on the functions of the Deputy Secretary General whereby the Deputy Secretary General shall act as the permanent assistant of the Secretary General in all matters, in supervision of all departments of the Secretariat, except the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly, as well as replace the Secretary General and undertake all his/her duties and responsibilities when he/she is absent or otherwise unavailable.

The Deputy Secretary General carries out additional tasks and leads on priority initiatives as delegated by the Secretary General.


Article 2 of the Regulations relating to the appointment of the Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General of the Assembly having the rank of Deputy Secretary General sets the following criteria for the choice of candidates:

a. The recruitment of persons of the highest ability and integrity and suitability for the post to be filled.

b. The qualifications and experience of persons already employed by the Council of Europe shall be taken into consideration, so that members of the Secretariat may have reasonable prospects of promotion.

c. The desirability of ensuring an equitable geographical allocation of appointments among nationals of the member States subject to the overriding interests of efficiency. No office in the Secretariat shall be considered to be the prerogative of any particular member State.

As regards the equitable gender balance of appointments, reference is made to the joint interpretative statement on the rules and procedures for the future elections of the Secretary General.

1. To assess suitability for the post (experience):

    · extensive experience in senior management in international organisations;

    · proven experience of leading senior managers in a culturally diverse environment;

    · proven experience of dealing with programme, administrative, budgetary and personnel questions as well as change management.

2. To assess highest ability (skills):

    · insight on international affairs; strategic thinking;

    · leadership skills; capacity for dialogue; trust-building; inspires and motivates a culturally diverse staff;

    · skills to manage a large Organisation; delegates authority and empowers staff while remaining accountable; innovative thinking;

    · ability to translate strategy into actions; ability to plan pro-actively; delivers results, with efficiency and transparency;

    · team player;

    · ability to co-ordinate functioning of the support services of the organisation, with a concern for innovation and effectiveness;

    · good communication skills; negotiating and advocacy skills; proven ability to establish, maintain and use strong and effective networks; capacity to interact effectively with diverse interlocutors; highly developed ability to explain and to persuade; ability to tackle sensitive issues while promoting Council of Europe values;

    · very good knowledge of at least one of the official languages of the Council of Europe (English and French) and practical knowledge of the second official language.

3. To assess highest integrity (values):

    · commitment to human rights, democracy and the rule of law;

    · respect for diversity;

    · openness to scrutiny.

1 This document has been classified restricted until examination by the Committee of Ministers.



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