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    CM(2002)76 17 May 2002
    [Doc. 9433]

    797 Meeting, 29 May 2002
    2 Political questions

    2.3 Akhiska Turks living in the Russian Federation

    Written Question No. 410 to the Committee of Ministers by Mr Gϋrkan


    Mr Gürkan,

    Thanking the rapporteurs Mr Atkinson and Mr Bindig for their report entitled “Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by the Russian Federation” which has correctly laid down the difficulties faced by the Akhiska Turks living in the Russian Federation;

    Recalling that a comprehensive and lasting solution to the problems of the Akhiska Turks, who were subjected to deportation in 1944 and 1989, has not yet been reached;

    Knowing that Akhiska Turks in the Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation are victims of discrimination, intolerance and abusive treatment by the local authorities and by racist elements, including deprivation of basic civil rights such as citizenship and residence;

    Further recalling the commitments by Georgia regarding the steps to be taken for repatriation and reintegration of the Akhiska Turks within a certain time-frame as stipulated in Opinion No. 209 (1999) and adopted by the Assembly with respect to Georgia’s membership of the Council of Europe, the honouring of which is vital for reaching a final solution to the problems of Akhiska Turks on a regional scale;

    Alarmed by the deteriorating situation of the Akhiska Turks living in the Krasnodar Region of the Russian Federation following the adoption of a law on 26 March 2002 by the Krasnodar Regional Assembly, providing for the deportation of Akhiska Turks from the region and the statements of regional authorities confirming their determination regarding the displacement of the Akhiska Turks;

    To ask the Committee of Ministers:

    - what further measures and actions could be taken by the Committee of Ministers in order to invite the Russian Federation authorities to urgently address the issue and to convince both the federal and regional authorities to refrain from implementation of the afore-mentioned law;

    - whether it intends to send a group of Council of Europe experts to the region with a view to gathering first-hand information and meeting with local authorities and representatives of Akhiska Turks which would constitute a useful contribution to the future work of the Assembly on this issue.

    Signed :

    Gϋrkan, Turkey



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