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    CM(2002)16 23 January 2002


    784 Meeting, 21 February 2002
    1 General questions

    1.5 Election of the Deputy Secretary General

    Examination of nominations


    By letters delivered to the Secretary General on 17 (cf. Appendix 2) and 22 (cf. Appendix 3) January 2002, the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Liechtenstein respectively presented to the Secretary General, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the procedure for appointment to the posts of Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General and Secretary General of the Assembly having the rank of Deputy Secretary General (Article 1(b)) the candidature of Mr Len Davies, whose curriculum vitae appears at Appendix 4 to this document.

    By letter dated 22 January 2002, the Secretary General forwarded this candidature to the Chairman of the Ministers’ Deputies (cf. Appendix 1).

    Appendix 1

    Appendix 2

    Appendix 3

    Appendix 4

    Len DAVIES
    Secretary to the Committee of Ministers
    of the Council of Europe


    Born in Chester, England, in 1943, British Nationality

    1961-1965 University of Manchester (BA 1st Class Hons in French studies)

    1965 British Consulate General in Lyon (France)

    1967 British High Commission in Lagos (Nigeria)

    1969 British Embassy in Athens (Greece)

    1972 Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London: Private Office of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (successively Anthony Royle MP, Peter Blaker MP and Joan Lestor MP) with responsibility for, inter alia, Council of Europe affairs

    1974 Secretariat of the Council of Europe: Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers – Main responsibilities: Ministerial sessions, legal affairs and human rights

    1977 Deputy Secretary to the Committee of Ministers

    1984 Private Office of the Secretary General (Marcelino Oreja) – Main responsibility: staff matters

    1986 Deputy Director of the Private Office

    1989 Director of the Private Office of the Secretary General (Catherine Lalumière)

    1994 Deputy Director of Political Affairs and Head of External Relations

    1995- Secretary to the Committee of Ministers

    Languages English (mother tongue), French (fluent), Greek

    Interests Amateur dramatics, cricket

    Married in 1966 Roseline Jeanne Berthon - Two daughters (Nathalie 1967, Adeline 1971)



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