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    CM(2001)165 23 October 2001


    771 Meeting, 31 October 2001
    2 General questions

    2.4 Actions taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation against Georgia which are incompatible with membership of the Council of Europe

    Written Question No. 401 to the Committee of Ministers by Mr Adamia


    Noting that, on the false ground of fighting terrorism, Russia has introduced visa requirements with Georgia, which in a discriminatory way exempts the secessionist territories of Georgia, and facilitates the movement of Boeviks from Russian territory to the territory of Georgia that is not controlled by the Georgian authorities, thus escalating the situation with the ultimate aim of extending military actions on Georgian territory;

    Noting that the air force of one of the members of the Council of Europe is bombing the territory of another member state;

    Considering that such actions are incompatible with the principles of the Council of Europe,

    Mr Adamia,

    To ask the Committee of Ministers whether it will react adequately and ask the authorities of the Russian Federation to refrain in the future from taking the above-mentioned actions.

    Adamia, Georgia, SOC



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