Joint Declaration on the Adriatic Euroregion

Venice, 6 February 2006

The representatives of the bodies and institutions who have taken part in the Conference for the launching of the Adriatic Euroregion held in Venice on 6 February 2006 and who are to compose the Assembly of the Euroregion:

Considering that the regions, provinces and towns on the Adriatic Sea share extensive human, natural and cultural resources that can be turned to account through actions of cross-border and inter-regional co-operation;

Considering that the European Union’s enlargement to 25 Member States which occurred on 1 May 2004, and its pre-accession and neighbourhood policies, bear out the special importance attached to the integration and stabilisation of the territories of Central and South-East Europe;

Acknowledging that the enhancement of transfrontier and inter-regional co-operation in the Adriatic area can make a significant contribution to the advancement of peace, stability and cohesion for the territories concerned;

Acknowledging that the Euroregion can form a useful instrument for strengthening good-neighbourly relations, for exchange of experience and contacts among local, national and international authorities, and for the conception and implementation of inter-territorial co-operation projects;

Bearing in mind the European Outline Convention on Transfrontier Co-operation between Territorial Communities or Authorities of the Council of Europe (1980) and the Protocols thereto (1995, 1998);

Bearing in mind the European Charter of Local Self-Government of the Council of Europe (1985);

Having regard to the Final Declaration of the Meeting on Inter-regional Co-operation in the Adriatic Basin held in Pula (Croatia) on 28 June 2004;

Having regard to the Final Declaration of the Fifth Forum of Cities and Regions of South-East Europe held in Budva (Serbia and Montenegro) on 11 and 12 October 2004;

Having regard to the Protocol on the establishment of the Adriatic-Ionian Euroregion, signed in Termoli (Italy) on 9 November 2004;

Bearing in mind the Resolution on the role of "Euroregions" in the development of regional policy adopted by the European Parliament on 1 December 2005;

Bearing in mind Resolution 1446 (2005) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Co-operation and sustainable development in the Adriatic Basin;

Taking note of the draft Statute of the Adriatic Euroregion appended to the present Declaration,

hereby resolve to found the Adriatic Euroregion by signing the


and undertake for that purpose:

    I. To lay down, in the manner prescribed by the applicable regulations, the procedures for joining the association designated as the Adriatic Euroregion;

    II. To meet in the assembly that will be convened in the month of _____ 2006 by the President of the Istrian Region, in order to adopt the Statute and to elect, in compliance with its provisions, the organs of the Adriatic Euroregion;

    III. To participate in the future activities of the Adriatic Euroregion, under such arrangements as may be specified by its Assembly and other organs, taking into consideration the necessary administrative and organisational responsibilities in this regard.