CG/BUR (1) 82

Mission Report of the CLRAE delegation on local elections in Moldova (16/05/95)



The Delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe of the Council of Europe, composed of Mrs BENNET (Ireland), Mr EYMARD (France), Mr MAR7IN1 (Italy), Mr ZAHN (Germany) and Mr PRIORE (Officer of Congress Secretariat) carried out an "Observation mission" of the local election which took place in the Republic of Moldova on 16th April 1995.

Due to the information received in Moldova before the elections and to the visit, during the elections, of a selection of poll stations spread over the national territory, the Council of Europe's Delegation noted that, although an outstanding effort was made for the democratic carrying out of the local elections, some difficulties remain in the transaction from a totalitary regime to a democracy based on the principles of impartial and complete information to citizens and the equality of chances among the political parties involved in the electoral campaign.



Before presenting a detailed report, the CLRAE delegation, which took part in the observer mission of these first local elections in Moldova, considered it necessary to obtain the final results for those elections.

In this context, the delegation takes note of the partial results forwarded on 27 April 1995 by the Central Electoral Committee and, considering that in some cities and villages new elections will have to be organised due to the insufficient participation, the delegation awaits final and complete results.

In addition, Ms BENNETT and Mr MARTINI can comment on the results and the final statement, as well as give their opinion on these elections at the Standing Committee meeting of 1st June 1995.