Press release - CG-PR037(2012)

New Congress leadership elected

Strasbourg, 18 October 2012 - The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has a renewed leadership voted in at its 23rd Session. The term of office for leadership positions is 2 years. The mandate for the 636 Congress members - representatives of local and regional authorities - is for 4 years.



President of the Chamber of Local Authorities: Jean-Claude FRÉCON (France, SOC)

1st Vice-President: Anders KNAPE (Sweden, EPP-CD)

2nd Vice-President: Gaye DOGANOGLU (Turkey, EPP-CD)

3rd Vice- President: John WARMISHAM (United Kingdom, SOC)

4th Vice- President: Amy KOOPMANSCHAP (Netherlands, SOC)

5th Vice- President: Marc COOLS (Belgium, ILDG)

6th Vice-President: Emilio VERRENGIA (Italy, EPP-CD)

7th Vice-President: Dubravka SUICA (Croatia, EPP/CD)

President of the Chamber of Regions: Nataliya ROMANOVA (Ukraine, ILDG)

1st Vice-President: Michael O’BRIEN (Ireland, SOC)

2nd Vice-President: Helena PIHLAJASSAARI (Finland, SOC)

3rd Vice- President: Gunn Marit HELGESEN (Norway, EPP-CD)

4th Vice- President: Urs WÜTHRICH-PELLOLI (Switzerland, SOC)

5th Vice- President: Clemens LAMMERSKITTEN (Germany, EPP-CD)

6th Vice-President: Svetlana ORLOVA (Russian Federation, EPP-CD)

7th Vice-President: Ludmila SFIRLOAGA (Romania, SOC)

The 2 Presidents of the two Chambers and the 14 Vice-Presidents of these Chambers are Vice-Presidents of the Congress.


Chair of the Monitoring Committee: Lars O. MOLIN (Sweden, EPP-CD)

1st Vice-Chair : Devrim CUKUR (Turkey, SOC )

2nd Vice-Chair: Irene LOIZIDOU (Cyprus, EPP-CD)

3rd Vice-Chair: Jos WIENEN (Netherlands, EPP-CD)

4th Vice-Chair: Andree BUCHMANN (France, SOC)

5th Vice-Chair: Alexander USS (Russian Federation, EPP-CD)

Chair of the Governance Committee: Karl-Heinz LAMBERTZ (Belgium, SOC)

1st Vice-Chair: Britt-Marie LOVGREN (Sweden, ILDG)

2nd Vice-Chair: Sevdia UGREKHELIDZE (Georgia, EPP-CD)

3rd Vice-Chair: Henry FERAL (France, EPP-CD)

4th Vice-Chair: Amrit MEDIRATTA (United Kingdom, ECR)

5th Vice-Chair: Mustafa AYGUN (Turkey, ECR)

Chair of the Current Affairs Committee: Farid MUKHAMETSHIN (Russia, ILDG)

1st Vice-Chair : Angelika KORDFELDER (Germany, SOC)

2nd Vice-Chair: Ana ALOS LOPEZ (Spain, EPP-CD)

3rd Vice-Chair: Snezhina MADZHAROVA (Bulgaria, EPP-CD)

4th Vice-Chair: Enes OZKARSLI (Turkey, EPP-CD)

5th Vice-Chair: vacant


There are four political groups in the new Congress, as well as a Group of 160 members with no political affiliation (NR).

Group European People’s party – Christian Democrats (EPP-CD) 208 members

Chair: Artur TORRES PEREIRA (Portugal)

Socialist Group (SOC) 154 members

President of the Group: Gudrun MOSLER -TÖRNSTRÖM (Austria)

Independent and Liberal Democrat Group (ILDG) 83 members

Chair: Knud ANDERSEN (Denmark)

European Conservatives & Reformists Group (ECR) 29 members

Chairman: Halldor HALLDORSSON (Iceland)

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