Strasbourg, 14 February 2002

CCJE (2003) 4
English only

Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)

Questionnaire on judges’ training: reply submitted by the delegation of Azerbaijan

Questionnaire on Judges, Training

A) 1.No, prospective judges are not given any initial training. Prospective judges must pass exam.
2.There is no right to requirement to undergo training stipulated in any law or regulation
3.No training is run or financed by state or by other means.
4.Judges begin by studying law at the State University. Prospective judges may study individually in order to pass judges, exam.
5.There is no such institution
6.There is no initial training
7.Only those who receive the highest scores on the government judges, exam are eligible for appointment by the president to a judgeship.

B) 1.Yes, there is an in-service judges, training scheme. Trainings are arranged by the Judges, Educational Center together with Foreign Organizations.
The subjects covered are practical in nature mostly dealing with new laws and changes in the law.
2.Attendence of these trainings are preferable but not compulsory.
3.Trainings are organized by the Judges Educational Center and financed partly by the government and partly by foreign organizations. Themes and speakers are decided by both the Judges Educational Center and the financing organizations.
4.The invited speakers use their practical work experience to impress upon judges the need to improve their professional skills.
5.There are a specific training scheme for judges at the beginning of their career. Their training is more frequent, more intensive and more detailed.



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