781st meeting – 30 January 2002

    Item 2.3

    Proposals of the Secretary General for multicultural and inter-religious dialogue in the aftermath of September 11 –
    1st report of the Ad Hoc Working Party GT-Dialogue
    (SG/Inf(2001)40 rev.2, CM(2002)18, CM/Del/Dec(2001)776/2.5
    GT-Dialogue(2002)2 and 3, GT-Dialogue(2002)CB1 and CB2)


    The Deputies

    1. took note of the interim report of their Ad hoc Working Party GT-Dialogue (CM(2002)18);

    2. invited the GT-Dialogue to continue its work, notably in the light of the results of the forthcoming inter-institutional “Tripartite” meeting (Strasbourg, 8 February 2002), and to report back, with concrete proposals for an Action Plan, covering the current year and 2003-4, to one of their forthcoming meetings.


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