773rd meeting – 21 November 2001

    Item 7.2

    New structures for European Cultural Co-operation
    (GR-C(2001)38revised and 40, GR-C(2001)CB11, CB12 and CB13)


    The Deputies

    1. following the favourable opinion of the Budget Committee, decided to incorporate the Cultural Fund and Sport Fund into the Ordinary Budget as from 1 January 2002, it being understood that this would not involve any increase in the member states’ contributions;

    2. decided to transform the Council for Cultural Co-operation (CDCC) and its specialised Committees into four Steering Committees as follows:

    CDED Steering Committee for Education
    CDESR Steering Committee for Higher Education and Research
    CDCULT Steering Committee for Culture
    CDPAT Steering Committee for Cultural Heritage

    The terms of reference of these committees appear in Appendices I to IV of GR-C(2001)38 revised;

    3. decided

    i. as is the practice with all other Steering Committees, to rely for co-ordination on the Secretary General and the staff of DG IV (Directorate General IV - Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport) in close co-ordination with the GR-C;

    ii. in the spirit of Resolution (95)38, to instruct the GR-C to hold at least one meeting a year, enlarged to additional national representation of those states who so wish, to assist the Committee of Ministers in examining and adopting programmes in the cultural co-operation field and to ensure the coherence of these programmes with the priorities set by the Committee of Ministers for intergovernmental co-operation as a whole.



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