773rd meeting – 21 November 2001

    Item 4.2

    Equality between Women and Men in the Council of Europe –
    Follow-up to the 9th report by the Secretary General

    (CM/Del/Dec(2001)742/4.1, CM(2001)16, CM(2001)92 Appendix IV,


    The Deputies, recalling the Message from the Committee of Ministers to Council of Europe steering committees on the integrated approach to equality, adopted at the 628th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (15 and 16 April 1998),

    1. welcomed the activities undertaken to promote equality between women and men both under the programme of activities and on the staff policy front;

    2. regretted that despite the political will clearly expressed by the Committee of Ministers, Steering Committees made little use of the strategy of gender mainstreaming in their work;

    3. invited all Council of Europe Steering Committees to take full account of the equality between women and men perspective in developing their draft recommendations and other instruments, and, if necessary, to request the CDEG’s opinion on this matter;

    4. noted in particular that a CDEG gender mainstreaming project had been launched, initially involving four steering committees, and agreed to monitor progress in this area;

    5. instructed the Secretariat to take due account of questions linked to equality between women and men when setting up the Integrated Projects to be implemented from 2002;

    6. generally speaking, encouraged all Council of Europe sectors to contribute in future to the report by the Secretary General on equality and to implement gender mainstreaming in their programmes of activities;

    7. took note of the statistical analyses of the situation in the Secretariat for 2000, as they appear in the Appendix to document RAP-EG(2001)CB1;

    8. invited the Secretary General to take account of the equality policy in all aspects of the Council of Europe’s New Staff Policy in order to utilise all the competences available, and to provide systematic training on equality between women and men for all staff members, starting with those in the highest posts, in order to change attitudes more quickly and create a new working culture more sympathetic to the reconciliation of family/private and working life;

    9. expressed their interest in the adoption of concrete and effective measures to promote access by women to the highest A grade posts, in order to promote gender balance in decision-making within the Organisation, and awaited the Secretary General’s proposals on the subject;

    10. noted that the Report will be in two parts in future: one part on the situation within the Secretariat, to be published annually, and the other part on the Organisation’s programme of activities, to be published every two years and setting out a thematic analysis of activities undertaken, with a view to facilitating the evaluation and comparison of data.



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