769th meeting – 17 October 2001

    Item 4.4

    Abolition of the death penalty in all member states –
    Exchange of views
    (CM(2000)172, CM/Del/Dec(2001)759/1.3)


    The Deputies

    1. took note with interest of the information provided by the delegations of the three member states which have not yet abolished the death penalty, as well as the reactions of other delegations;

    2. called on the member states concerned to accelerate the process towards abolition of the death penalty allowing a speedy ratification of Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention on Human Rights, whilst respecting strictly the moratoria on executions in the meantime;

    3. decided to resume consideration of this item at their next monitoring meeting (10 and 11 December 2001) based on written information to be provided by 1 December 2001 by the member states concerned;

    4. decided to resume consideration of the item thereafter at intervals of 6 months until Europe has become a de jure death penalty-free zone.



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