762nd meeting

762nd meeting – 5 September 2001

Item 7.1


Council for Cultural Co-operation (CDCC)
Abridged report of the Bureau (Strasbourg, 15-16 May 2001)



The Deputies

1.         took note of CDCC Resolution No. 2/2001 approving the balance sheet of the Cultural Fund as at 31 December 2000,  and of CDCC Resolution No. 3/2001 on the revised programme of activities for 2001, as they appear in Appendices II and III to document CM(2001)85;

2.         took note of the request of the CDCC Bureau to finalise the reform of CDCC structures as soon as possible;

3.         took note of the support by the CDCC Bureau given to the idea of revitalising the European Cultural Convention through an additional protocol and agreed to bear this in mind when finalising the structural reform;

4.         having regard to the decisions above, took note of the abridged report of the meeting of the CDCC Bureau held on 15-16 May 2001, as it appears in CM(2001)85, as a whole.



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