762nd meeting

762nd meeting – 5 September 2001

Item 2.1a


Current political questions

a. Activities for the development and consolidation of democratic stability
(CM/Del/Dec(2001)758/2.1a, 759/2.1b, 761/2.1a, GR-EDS(2001)26 revised, CB14, DGAP/PR/Inf(2001)14 and 15, DSP(2001)11)



The Deputies

1.         took note of the report of the Chairman of their Rapporteur Group GR‑EDS and of the synopsis of the meeting held on 3 September 2001 (GR-EDS(2001)CB14);

2.         in the light of the discussions  of the meeting of the GR-EDS on 3 September 2001, authorised the Secretariat, in close consultation with the authorities of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” - and in close co-operation with all interested international organisations/institutions active in the same fields - to pursue the planning of an initial package of measures, to assist, in the Council of Europe's fields of expertise, in the implementation of the “Framework Agreement”, as soon as it is ratified by the Parliament in Skopje and to continue implementation of those measures already agreed with the authorities concerned (in particular, local government, international observation of the census of population and projects undertaken within the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe);

3.            instructed the Secretariat to undertake a needs assessment mission in Skopje,
in order to further define possible measures by the Council of Europe, which could, in co-operation with the authorities of "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", further assist in implementing the "Framework Agreement";

4.         noted that following the postponement of the census of population in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, part of the resources allocated within the 2001 Ordinary Budget for the international observation of the census, could be reallocated for financing initially agreed measures;

5.         invited member states (and observer states) to consider, as a matter of urgency, the possibility to second in the nearest possible future, additional Long-term Observers (5) and Short-term Observers (100) to be deployed in the Council of Europe Elections Observation Mission in Kosovo (CEEOM 2);

6.            authorised the Secretariat to examine with the Azerbaijani authorities the modalities of setting up an Information Office of the Council of Europe in Baku, in conformity with Resolution (99) 9 of the Committee of Ministers.




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