762nd meeting

762nd meeting – 5 September 2001

Item 1.1

  Adoption of the Agenda



The Deputies

1.         took note that the decision taken under the following item and adopted ad referendum at their 761st meeting (18 July 2001)

10.7     European democracies facing up to terrorism – Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1426 (1999)

is considered final;

2.         agreed to postpone the following items on the draft agenda of their 762nd meeting:

            1.6     110th Session of the Committee of Ministers, May 2002 – Preparation


10.2    Draft Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedecine, concerning transplantation of organs and tissues of human origin and Draft explanatory report

to one of their forthcoming meetings,

2.3      Secretary General's proposals concerning Ukraine following the Ministers' informal meeting on 10 May 2001

to their 763rd meeting (12 September 2001) and

8.1      Request of the European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) to hold several meetings of the Youth Sector in Luxembourg

to their 765th meeting (19 September 2001);

3.         taking into consideration decisions 1 and 2 above, adopted the Agenda of their 762nd meeting as it appears at Appendix 1 to the present volume of Decisions.



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