Adoption of the Agenda. - Council of Europe. Committee of Ministers, Ministers' Deputies - Decision 733/1.1  (7 December 2000)

733rd meeting – 7 December 2000



Item 1.1



Adoption of the Agenda





The Deputies


1.         agreed to postpone the following items on the draft agenda of their 733rd meeting:


10.1     Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Legal Aspects of Territorial Asylum, Refugees and Stateless Persons (CAHAR) – Abridged report of the 50th meeting (Strasbourg, 16-18 October 2000)


10.2     Ad hoc Committee of Legal Advisers on Public International Law (CAHDI) – Abridged report of the 20th meeting (Strasbourg, 12-13 September 2000)


11.2     Opening of a special account “Events of European interest”


to their 735th meeting (20 December 2000), and


10.3     Convention on the transfer of sentenced persons (ETS No. 112) – Request to accede from Japan


to one of their forthcoming meetings;


2.         taking into consideration decision 1 above, adopted the Agenda of their 733rd meeting as it appears at Appendix 1 to the present volume of Decisions.



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