728th meeting – 30 October 2000

Item 1.1


 Adoption of the Agenda




The Deputies


1.         recalled that the following item on the draft agenda of their 728th meeting:


10.2     Draft Recommendation Rec(2000)… of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the freedom of exercise of the profession of lawyer


had been considered at the 727th meeting (25 October 2000);


2.         decided to add the following item:


            7.3       Draft Declaration on Cultural Diversity


to the draft agenda of the present meeting;


3.         agreed to postpone the following items on the draft agenda of their 728th meeting:


4.3       Examination of the possibility of drawing-up a draft protocol to the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities giving competence to the European Court of Human Rights to give advisory opinions concerning the interpretation of the Framework Convention– Proposal by the Italian Chair


to their 728th bis meeting (7 November 2000);


2.3       Relations between the Council of Europe and the European Union – Report by the Secretary General for the period January-July 2000

4.1       Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities – Election of an expert to the list of experts eligible to serve on the Advisory Committee


7.2       Draft European Convention for the protection of the audiovisual heritage and its Explanatory report and Draft Protocol on the Protection of Television Productions to the draft European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage and its Explanatory Report

            11.1     General accounts of the Council of Europe for the 1999 financial year

Report of the Board of Auditors and comments by the Secretary General

on the Board of Auditors' report


to their 729th meeting (15 November 2000),


4.2       Revised European Social Charter – Draft Form for reports




10.1     Ad hoc Committee of Legal Advisers on Public International Law (CAHDI) – Abridged report of the 20th meeting (Strasbourg, 12-13 September 2000)

to their 733rd meeting (7 December  2000);


4.         taking into consideration decisions 1 to 3 above, adopted the Agenda of their 728th meeting as it appears at Appendix 1 to the present volume of Decisions.



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