Adoption of the Agenda.- Council of Europe.- Committee of Ministers', Ministers' Deputies.- Décisions 710/1.1 (19 May 2000)

710th meeting - 18-19 May 2000

Item 1.1

Adoption of the agenda



The Deputies

1. agreed to postpone the following items placed on the draft agenda of their 710th meeting:

7.1 Football hooliganism – Parliamentary Assembly  Recommendation 1434 (1999)

to their 711th meeting (31 May 2000),

10.2 12th Conference of European Ministers responsible for Local Government (Istanbul, 6-7 April 2000) – Report by the Secretary General

to their 714th meeting (14 June 2000);

2. taking into account decision 1 above, adopted the Agenda for their 710th meeting as it appears at Appendix 1 to the present volume of Decisions.


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