European Committe on Migration.-Council of Europe.- Committee of Ministers.- Minister's Deputies.- Decisions 679 /6.2 (September 1999)

679th meeting – 15 September 1999


Item 6.2


Abridged report of the 40th meeting

(Strasbourg, 26-28 May 1999)



The Deputies

1. approved the specific terms of reference for the Group of Experts on security of residence of long-term immigrants as they appear in Appendix 3 to document CM(99)108;

2. agreed to increase from ten to eleven the number of members in the Specialist Group on Roma/Gypsies (MG-S-ROM), it being understood that for 1999 this increase would be financed from within the existing envelope for Vote II;

3. took note of the abridged report of the 409th meeting of the European Committee on Migration, as it appears in document CM(99)108, as a whole.


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