677bis meeting - 27-28 July 1999


(item 4.1)


Procedure for drawing up a list of three candidates

in conformity with Article 9 of Resolution (99) 50

1. A ballot paper presenting the names and proposing States of all the candidates would be presented. The names would appear in the chronological order of the submission of the candidatures.

2. Each delegation would vote for three candidates appearing on the ballot paper. Ballot papers on which either less than three or more than three candidates were indicated would be considered invalid.

3. The three candidates obtaining the highest number of votes and the absolute majority of the representatives entitled to vote 1 would be declared selected for inclusion in the list.

4. If in the first round less than three candidates obtained the majority referred to under paragraph 3 above, a second or subsequent rounds might prove necessary. The Chairman might propose that, for the purposes of a second or subsequent round, the threshold majority could be that of the absolute majority of the valid votes cast.

5. In the case of a second or subsequent rounds, the Chairman may invite delegations of States whose candidates have obtained the lowest number of votes to consider withdrawal.

6. In the second or subsequent rounds, each delegation would vote only for the number of candidates corresponding to the remaining places on the list.

7. The Chairman would announce the results of each round of election in camera.

8. Once the list is drawn up, the Chairman would address a letter to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly indicating that, out of six candidates submitted, the Committee of Ministers had drawn up the list of three candidates following a voting procedure, the names being presented in alphabetical order so as to indicate that the Committee of Ministers does not wish to express any preference as between candidates included in the list.

1 The absolute majority of those entitled to vote is at present 22 votes.



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