Developments in biotechnology and the consequences for agriculture - Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1213 (1993). - Council of Europe. Committee of Ministers, Ministers'Deputies - Decision 623/10.1 (March 1998)

623rd meeting – 17 March 1998

Item 10.1





(CM/Del/Dec/Act(93)497/48, CM/Del/Dec(95)543/9.4)


The Deputies adopted the following reply to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1213 (1993):

"Following its interim and supplementary replies to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1213 (1993) on developments in biotechnology and the consequences for agriculture, the Committee of Ministers wishes to inform the Parliamentary Assembly of the latest action taken pursuant to the said recommendation.

In the 1998 budget, the Ministers' Deputies have made provision for the creation of a specific temporary post and the necessary funds for the organisation of the Conference on Biotechnology, including the preparatory work. The preparations have been assigned by the Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI) to a working party which immediately began to define the objectives of this conference in the light of the aspects emphasised in Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1213.

Three objectives have been set for to this Conference:

- to identify the ethical issues arising out of the application of biotechnology. These matters will be dealt with from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective, while giving consideration to the economic and social implications;

- to promote open public debate on these issues;

- to identify appropriate means for dealing with the ethical issues relating to biotechnology and to provide elements for decisions as to whether there is a need for new action, in particular a harmonised approach at international level including a possible new convention or other appropriate instruments.

The Parliamentary Assembly will be invited to participate actively in the work carried out by the Conference. The results of the Conference, which will be dealing with this issue on a broad basis for the first time at European level, will be thoroughly examined before a final reply is made to the Recommendation.



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