Russian model of federalism succeeded in solving many acute problems, says Vitaly Shipov

      20.11.2007 - “The Russian model of federalism has provided for the restoration of the country’s governability and the preservation of the State’s integrity,” stressed today Russian Vice-Minister for Regional Development Vitaly Shipov during the Congress’ Autumn Session.He described developments in the field of local and regional self-government in Russia since the Congress’ recommendation on the subject in 2004. Some 12,000 new municipalities were created, which entails the need for training of new councillors and their staff, he said, adding that the Congress’ involvement in this respect would be useful.

      Vice-Minister Shipov also pointed out that transfrontier cooperation and interaction between regional and local authorities were among his Ministry’s priorities, and welcomed the Congress’ efforts in this field.

      Finally, he informed the Congress about the creation, on 2 November, of the Presidential Council on the Development of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation.


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